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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  April 25, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome awesome. ♪ right now on fox 29, an elderly man describes his frightening and bizarre kidnapping ordeal. good evening i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. 86-year-old and his wife were forced into a car yesterday by three women with a baby in tow. fox 29's shawnette wilson arrive outside southwest detectives to explain what happened. shawnette? >> reporter: chris police believe the victim was targeted because of his age. the 86-year-old who is also a korean war veteran said he knew
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something wasn't right but he just didn't know what to do. >> everything was confused. they tricked me. they tricked us. >> this 86-year-old man and his 55-year-old wife are shaken up from a terrifying experience. we're concealing their identity to protect them. they say three women with a baby and silver town and country approached them on the 3900 block of penns grove street in west philadelphia. it was around 11:00 thursday morning the couple was walking to the grocery store when the women offered them a ride. then according to police, forced the couple into the car. >> that was it. i wanting to home. >> the women drove the couple to td bank at fourth and market in center city. put up $600 and had the 86-year-old pretend to be their father. while opening up a debit account in his name. >> and pulled out a big wad of money puts it on the clerk's table on the clerk's desk and for me to -- for me to get it
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put in my name. >> police obtained this picture of one of the suspects inside the bank. >> that's kind of funny you know what i mean? to me i don't know them but yet they want to put money for me to get a debit account. >> from that the women allegedly took the victims to a rental car place at 17th and the parkway and another near the airport. police say they rented two cars in the-year-old's name. >> the cars are being rented probably for criminal activity. they're renting these cars to put in this individual's name both cars are in his name. >> police track one of the cars at belmont and montgomery in fairmount park. two people in it are seen here being brought into southwest detectives for questioning. the couple wasn't physically hurt but they are worried the suspect cos return to harm them. >> the only thing i can do is keep praying. i have been. >> reporter: back here arrive police tell me they also tracked a second car in north jersey they'll be talking to the people
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in that car as well. chris? >> shawnette thanks. montgomery county man facing charges for allegedly abusing a three month old baby. the district attorney's office in lower township police announce dag the arrest of bruce long. investigators say the infant was in his care when it suffered skull, arm and leg fractures. the child was treated at chop. no word from officials on how long is connected to the up fan. >> heart broken family avenue two-year-old boy killed by a hit-and-run driver earlier this month hitting the streets themselves tonight. they're hoping someone can help bring to justice the person who was behind the wheel. fox 29's brad sattin arrive in our newsroom tonight. are police any closer to an arrest? this has to be so frustrateing brad. >> reporter: you're right. they seem to know everything police do except being being able to positive identify who was behind the wheel. it's been a very rough week and a half of waiting for the little baby's family.
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they went back to the very spot where he was killed to ask for help. just feet away from children's baskets a family with a sinking feeling in need answers. >> people know what happened and it's out and they want justice for little angel. >> justice for little boy who will never get the chance to play basketball 11 days ago two-year-old david and his mother were victims avenue hit-and-run in front of their homerun over in the 2700 mock of mascher street. hill david died. his heart broken mother survived waiting for an arrest that despite vigils and community outrage still has not come. >> i know somebody knows and they don't want to step up because they going to be snitch or something. somebody has to come already. they took my baby's arrive. almost took my arrive. so somebody has to come up with something. >> tonight family and friends hit the street holding up letters of support from first graders. >> this is a true meaning of family. this is what family is about. >> stopping drivers and passing out flyers.
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>> this is really sad. like this person needs to come forward. it's really sad. >> in the hope that someone out there does the right thing and even a nine-year-old knows what that is. >> i think the person should just turn themselves in. >> police believe it was this white 2007 infinity that hit them open are in coming forward but saying he length the car to a relative. police still trying to narrow down who exactly was driving. a little boy's memory forever honored but peace for his family is still a phone call away. >> he was an amazing child. he always going to live on in our hearts. however, we want to bring justice. we want closure. >> certainly a lot of people do. there's a $20,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction. tonight they passed out few hundred flyers knowing it takes just one flyer in the hands of the right person to really turn this case around. chris? >> brad, thanks. in northeast philadelphia tonight a local food delivery driver gunned down just doing his job. the search continues tonight for the person who fired those fatal
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shots. police say 49-year-old za inform g was ambushed in his car last night while trying to make a delivery. he was shot in the left shoulder then he tried to drive away to safety. didn't make it very far before crashing his car through a fence. investigators say it may have been a robbery gone wrong. >> we're not quite sure if he had already made the delivery or he was upping, returning from making a delivery back to his vehicle but at some point in that incident there when he was approached and ultimately shot. >> police are looking at surveillance video to find his killer. they're offering a $20,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. a philadelphia police officer is out of the hospital tonight. less than 24 hours after being shot on the job. fox 29's dave schratwieser tells us police say the shooting could have ended much worse. report. >> he's a true hero.
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>> wounded police officer left the hospital friday afternoon accompanied by his fellow officers on the road to recovery after being shot in the arm at close range thursday night. >> how you feeling? >> good. good. doing good. >> reporter: 37-year-old 19th district bike officer spent the night being treated for a gunshot wound to his arm after he stopped 35-year-old william noblin on foot near 52nd and mass master. police say noblin pulled out 9-millimeter handgun and fired. >> this guy says a bizarre statement or remark to the effect of, i hate to have to do this. >> danny is a hard charger. one of my bike officers. engaged in the community and addressing crime issues every night. >> eight year veteran fired back striking the suspect twice in the arm. police raced the officer to the hospital. noblin was found wounded in an alley nearby with a gun. >> the officer was very lucky. when everybody got out unscatheed no citizens got hurt all the officers are okay and the bad guy will go to jail.
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>> reporter: police say noblin has 13 prior arrests from theft and robbery to aggravated assault. he was last arrested in 2000 sand 12 on drug charges and served a year in prison. why did he open fire? >> i can only surmise it had to do with the fact he's got priors. significant priors. he had a weapon. >> reporter: as for officer cos stick he'll be off for at least a few days. >> which is his son's birthday tomorrow. definitely be off. knowing danny he'll want to be back next week. you know we'll take it one day at a time. >> reporter: dave schratwieser fox 29 news. >> police in radnor township say they've identified the man who robbed a local resident and then took a train to make his get away. take a look. a picture of 27-year-old matthew heck man police say he broke into a home in the rosemont section of the township last friday. investigators say he was filling a suitcase with valuables when the homeowner walk in on him. she called 911 and heck man took off with the suitcase. surveillance video showing him on a septa train headed towards the upper darby station.
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police are offering a $2,500 reward for information that leads to his arrest and convict. a bold attempt to stop a thief. a man is taken for a wild ride on the hood of his own suv. the dramatic way it came to an end coming up. a high school production takes a dramatic and dangerous turn. the stage collapses. what a stunned audience is forced to do. scott. >> dawn, those temperatures are going to drop. we have freeze warnings in effect. we'll talk about it coming coming up. >> and the problem at local starbucks stores and stores across the country as the coffee giant giving out free drinks tonight. ♪ >> i'm karen hepp coming up tomorrow op fox 29 weekend did you see the story about a young woman who ordered ordered diet pills over the internet inter killed her. if you've had bad day wait until
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you meet this man all the bad things that happened to his
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♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. >> good evening everybody. emergency construction through the weekend. center ton road bridge is closed over the rancocas creek. through the weekend for like the sports activities you'll have to go all the way up to route 130. route 23 valley forge road closed over the pickerring creek and lace them up penn relays in town all day tomorrow with some jammos exiting the schuylkill. have a great weekend. we'll see you bright and early on monday. ♪
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two alarm house fire in medford lakes new jersey injures two firefighters treated for smoke inhale laying. one at the scene and the on the at the hospital. the fire started 3:00 o'clock this afternoon in the kitchen of the home on 100 block of mohawk trail. the homeowner escape without injury. >> philadelphia police are looking for two men who they believe are responsible for nearly a dozen robberies throughout the city. cops say these guys are armed and they want them off the streets. fox 29's joanne pileggi outside of police headquarters tonight. cops say these guys know what they're doing. >> reporter: they do, chris. these seemingly experienced armed robbers have been bounce aig round in different parts of the city doing the same thing. using a gun and getting a lot of cash from close to a dozen businesses. and police are now hoping the public can help break this case. >> it didn't register to me these guys were coming to rob me me. it license register they had the
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mask over their face. only time i realized something was going on when they shoved their barrel of the silver gun out his hoodie good this is the surveillance video of the armed robbers in action at a sit company convenience store in fishtown. and this is pam working the store solo that night fearing for her arrive but trying to stay calm. >> they said we want the money out the register and out of the safe. i stood there put my hands up to show i wasn't going to be aggressive. wasn't going to be confrontational. >> police reviewed multiple reports and multiple videos and believe these are the same two brazen robbers hitting businesses across the city. they're mo is usually the same. >> ones captured on video you can clearly see large silvery solver. the ones on the highway we don't have highway the complainants are describeing a very large silvery solver. customers inside they mainly grab a hold of them and take
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control of them den man money from the employees behind the counter. >> reporter: cops say these robbers have been wearing the same clothing in most of the cases. one wears a maroon hoodie the other a blue hood deem fortunately no one has been hurt so far. but police and pam want to see them behind bars. >> may not be my personal body but nonetheless i was violated and that pisses me off. >> reporter: pam does get scared the next victims could get shot. police say if you have any information please call 215686 tips. we're arrive at police headquarters joanne pileggi fox 29 news. back to you in the studio. chris and dawn. >> thanks, joanne. car theft victim in oklahoma city goes all out to stop a thief from getting away with his vehicle. surveillance video shows a stranger getting into tyrone stafford's parked suv at a gas station. when that man tried to speed off stafford literally jumped into action. that is him on top of the hood hanging on for deer arrive. police say the thief drove at
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least 50 miles an hour for about a mile when he slammed on the brakes stafford went flying and the suspect drove away. stafford broke some teeth and has a bad case of road rash but otherwise he's okay. the suv was found abandoned without a battery or tires. more than a dozen students from an indiana high school recovering to night after a terrifying stage collapse. this happening during musical product last night at the high school right outside of indianapolis. several students joined the musicians on stage for the finale of american pie. then the stage collapses right under their feet. people in the audience rushing to help the victims who fell 12 feet. luckily most of the injuries were just minor. i was on the stage and it collapsed. i fell into it. as soon as it fell i just didn't know what happened and then i saw that people's feet were stuck under a lot of wood and i lifted a lot of wood off a
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lot of people. >> counselors were available for students who returned today to school. police and school officials are launching an investigation. coffee is on the house at thousands of starbucks stores tonight. a computer glitch cough the company's payment system to crash at stores all over north america including here in philadelphia. the coffee giant says the system went down about 7:00 o'clock tonight and continued for hours. i just check. it seems like it is still not operational but stores are staying open giving away free coffee to customers. no word on when that system will be fixed. well fox 29's spring thing continued today in mullica hill. >> how does it feel. >> it doesn't feel too great. i'm not -- a lot better than me. please don't fall because we have small children behind you. >> they got me. >> that's quincy harris and sean bell enjoying the day out at
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friends school that's sean taking on the ropes course today at the school. we know they all had a great time out there. fox 29 spring fling taking towns all over the area. >> the fun continued all day long in mullica hill. from morning until night. scott william and mike jerrick chilling out during the dinner hour. >> i got to find mike jerrick. he's up to no good. >> listen man you're really stress mowing out. i'm trying to do yoga here. >> okay. >> hi victoria. >> what's your place. >> bliss full yoga in mullica hill. >> give me that pose you were just doing. >> come all the way down for cobra. >> cobra. >> toes together, tail down. pull your belly in. inhale lift up. >> oh, yeah! >> i love this town. >> don't worry spring fling tour is making a stop in your town next week we're taking over south philadelphia so make sure you come out and say hello. scott you really did have a beautiful day.
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a little chilly but a good day. >> it was beautiful there. >> mullica hill. >> lot of the folks came out. great restaurants shops boutiques. having an antique street festival tomorrow in mullica mullica hill. get over into mullica hill and check that out tomorrow but overnight we have freeze warnings. take a look at the counties highlighted in purple. south jersey, north and west away from the city protect those sensitive plants and tender vegetation we're looking at temperatures at or bow freezing. in fact we have frost advisories for philadelphia county, delaware county, look at this, all of delaware and cape may county also the shore communities we'll watch out for a little bit of frost. look at those temperatures dropping to 33 already right now in the pocono mountains. we have low 40s in trenton. 47 in atlantic city. 37 degrees already in millville but look at philadelphia. hanging on to the low 50s. urban heat island effect but by 1:00 a.m. we're looking looking at temperatures dropping into the 30s across the area. and then look at this.
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guy 4:00 a.m. saturday morning 29 in the pocono mountains. freezing pottstown. freezing reading lancaster. 32 in wilmington. 34 millville. mid 30s in philadelphia and then by 8:00 a.m. those temperatures start to moderate with that sunshine. 40 degrees by 8:00 a.m. in the philadelphia area. headed to the penn relays bundle up but temperatures moderate in the afternoon area wide upper 50 toss near 60 degrees will be the high temperature on saturday. but that is still below the average for this time of year which is 67 degrees. clear skies overnight tonight. tomorrow a mixture of sun and clouds. a dry saturday. but 10:00 o'clock you can see some rain off to the south and west. some of that rain will try and enter the picture the far southern zones on sunday. so scattered ran fall chance and then on monday, afternoon there could be a few scattered showers. but for tonight clear cold protect those sensitive plants. cover them up or bring them in. we're looking at low and mid 30s
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across our area. so it doesn't feel like the last friday of april. whatsoever and take a look at tomorrow. you can see a cold start but 60 for the afternoon high temperature. chilly conditions to start. penn relays 8am about 40 degrees and then by the afternoon we're looking at a high of 60. still a little breezy with those northwesterly winds. and the seven day forecast it's going show you that temperatures recover as we move toward next week. by wednesday a high of 70 degrees. so how about that? >> that sounds good. little too chilly right now though. >> it is. thanks. >> all right. sean, how those phillies doing? >> phillies are doing pretty well but the hottest team in baseball was in act in and they were cooled off in the subway series. the mets 11 game winning streak in jeopardy and like you said the phillies go for the bottom of the ninth with the braves and a pitching dual. check out who played hero for the phils next in sports.
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>> hot new social media game coming to your town next. >> you news instagram to find the mystery man and it gives you 100 bucks. >> plus she's homeless and suffers from cerebral palsy. that didn't stop her from becoming val will he kick tour
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♪ phillies gave up seven errors in the last four games. awful. they've been out scored 15-two in the last two games. they had to clean up a lot of mistakes and luckily they're going against a braves team that's just as cold as they are right now. we skip to the bott to the of
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the ninth no score thanks to harang giving up eight strong innings. the braves johnson throws a wild pitch. ben revere goes to second. goes to third from second. now the winning run just 99 feet away. freddie galvis hits the grounder. freddie free man mishandles it. revere comes racing in to the plate. phillies get the win walk off style one to nothing. sandberg happy about the performance. happy about that performance. best team in baseball has been the mets. but that means nothing in the subway series much first inning mark text sheer rah hits a blast blast. curves in almost foul but not. yankees go up two-zero. he had two homers on the night. the mets 11 game winning streak over. the yankees within six to one. nnhl playoffs the flyers should have been the eighth seed seed. the eighth seed is not penguins and they took on the rangers down thee-one in game five. the penguins still fighting for
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their playoff lives. this one goes to extra period. tied one all. carl hay land with the goal the rangers win two-one. they advance to the next round. second day of penn relays all the exciting events starting now. four by one, four by two high school and college but the main event today was 400 medley. cold windy day but that didn't stop the fans from coming out and supporting big time. it came down to villanova and oregon at the final turn. oregon has the slight lead and nova's jordan williams could not make up that ground. oregon wins by five 10 manies of a second. nfl greg hardy is back playing football and some of his new dallas teammates don't seem to like it. first week in the facilityies facilities hardy gets into a heated verbal alter case coleman. coleman called hardy a woman
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beater. you know those problems are going to occur. not a lot of guys are going to reallyreally be disrespected. he's in the league and that's what's going to happen. >> that was in the dallas cowboys locker room. >> in their facility. >> go figure. >> all right. that does it for us on this friday name be sure to fox 29 weekend tomorrow morning starting at 8:00. >> fox 29 special in focus is
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♪ >> well, good evening welcome to our fox 29 in focus special i'm lucy not and. >> i'm iain page. we want to share your stories through lens of fox 29 photo journalist bill roar. >> he find stories that impact our community. tonight he introduces to us a man who has been shaping young lives for decade. >> great job guys. >> while most people in america are engrossed at madness of march. >> move move good shop. >> alfonso durant, the karl sandberg middle school. >> maintain it,


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